We’ve simplified registration this year for the 2024 Vertical Challenge Finals – here’s how it works!


Registration is open for the 2024 Finals through April 5th. We will not be accepting any registrations the day of the event. Just follow this link to register.

Please include your NASTAR number. You don’t have to do a separate registration at their site this year – we’ll take care of that part. The NASTAR registration ensures you’ll get timed accurately and that your results will count toward their points system.

Fill out Jay Peak’s waiver at the bottom of the page and sign with your finger, trackpad, or mouse. We know it will look like you have terrible handwriting when you do it – don’t worry, we won’t judge your digital penmanship.

After you register, book your discounted lodging with Jay Peak using the information on our website page. You’ll need this info when you make your reservations at their Central Reservations Office (toll free 1-800-451-4449).


We implement race times based on “pods/bubbles.” Pods/bubbles are folks that live together, travel together and/or work together. 

This provides an opportunity to race with your family members, making fewer trips to the start of the racecourse. Each racer is still competing against their appropriate age category. We’ll let you know your scheduled race times prior to arrival at Jay Peak and will have them available onsite as well.

Parents of younger racers who may need help on the course are encouraged to return to the start after their child races so they can race their own races.

Please remember that each pod has a particular time to race at the Finals, and you MUST be at the top of the racecourse for your pod’s start time.


The free lift tickets will be reserved for those who qualified for the VC Finals and are good for Saturday, April 13th only. They can be picked up at the Tramside customer service desk. Discounted lift tickets for other people can be purchased by bringing the competitor’s jersey/bib to the ticket window.


Anyone who has a Dewey Bear or Chewy Dog husky stuffed animal you’ve received from the VC over the years should bring them to the Finals. We do a raffle just for this special group for a chance to win either a 5’ and 6’ stuffed polar bears.

If you did a charity fundraiser through your school, team, civic group or otherwise this year, we’d love for you officially present the funds during our awards presentation on the Aroma Patio on Tramside. Immediately thereafter we’ll award raffle prizes.

You can always ask us questions by emailing