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Cynthia's Challenge

We worked with King Pine Ski Area and other partners to found Cynthia’s Challenge in 2014 to support children and their families faced with staggering expenses associated with special medical needs.

Each year, our 24-hour Ski-A-Thon helps a special child. We’d love your support. The 7th Annual Cynthia’s Challenge 24-Hour Ski-A-Thon’s next beneficiary is Tuftonboro, New Hampshire’s Evelynn Bunnell, a fifteen-year-old young lady who attends Kingswood Regional High School. Evelynn suffers from Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Secondary and Extreme Prematurity, Epilepsy, Vision Abnormalities, Cognitive Impairments, ADHD and Anxiety.

“Taking Evelynn to her appointments and out to run errands with me daily is very challenging with my older van,” said Evelynn’s father Michael Bunnell. “I lift her into a special needs car seat and then lift her manual chair in the back of my van and this is getting very hard on my back. A wheelchair accessible van will allow her to better access her community, friends and family. Evelynn would be more comfortable and safer being transported in her power wheelchair rather than in a car seat. A wheelchair accessible van would also have more room for her equipment and would be opening up a whole new world of activities for Evelynn that otherwise would not be possible. One of Evelynn’s biggest dreams is to be able to bring her powered wheelchair to the mall and go shopping.” Evelynn lives with her father and younger sister Charlotte and Michael cares for his girls on his own.

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