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A Nutmeg State Weekend!

Test Your Constitution

We hold races this weekend in The Constitution State! Here’s where we’ll be:

Saturday: Mount Southington, Connecticut

Sunday: Ski Sundown, Connecticut

We were originally scheduled to host an event Friday at Nashoba Valley in Massachusetts, but weather conditions (not enough snow) have made the slopes unraceable. We’ll hope to visit our longtime friends there next season.

You can (& should) pre-register for both events at


The nickname “Constitution State” refers to Connecticut’s role in crafting the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, an 17th century forerunner to the U.S. national Constitution. But the word “constitution” can also refer to one’s physical and mental makeup – a strong one enables you to dig deep for a great run to win a VC medal!

The Provisions State 

We also call Connecticut “The Provisions State.” Apparently the state played a leading role in supplying Revolutionary War soldiers. In that tradition, we bring with us fabulous samples for you to try. Make sure you provision your crew by sampling ALOHA bars, Stonyfield yogurt products, and Olivia’s Organics juices! 

Lean up against a charter oak (the official state tree) or shuffle your feet to the ballroom polka (official state polka) as you enjoy your treats.

The Provisions State

The Nutmeg State

Apparently Connecticut peddlers used to sell nutmeg – we have our own sponsors whose businesses trade in even cooler items than that. For instance, visit Xfinity’s tent where you can register to win a solo fire pit and come to the Chevy tent to sign up for a chance to win a ski trip (and check out the cool vehicles on display, too)!

win a trip for 4

The Land of Steady Habits

It seems Connecticutensians are quite steadfast in terms of moral character. We would love to see lots of y’all at the finals event we hold every year to crown season champions – yeah, it’s a habit we’re quite pleased to have. We’ll hold this season’s VC Finals Saturday, April 1 at Jay Peak (in The Green Mountain State – Vermont).

jay peak vermont

The top three finishers in every category at every VC event automatically receive a chance to compete at the finals. Lower finishers earn a spot if those above them had already qualified at a previous tour stop.

 family of four

Registration is not yet open, but we’re finalizing arrangements for details (including lodging) now. So look for an announcement with all the details in the coming weeks. Keep in mind, you do have to qualify to compete for the season championship. 

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