Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pre-register?
You’ll save yourself some time on race day by pre-registering for each event. But, we’re happy to sign you up on race day. Just stroll up to the Vertical Challenge registration table and we’ll get you everything you need.

If I win, do I get a prize? 
Yes, we award gold, silver, and bronze medals across genders and age groups. Plus we have raffles (benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation), prize drawings, and free samples of cool stuff.

Is it competitive?
Sure, it’s a race. But it’s a casual competition. We have slopes for people of different ability levels and we keep the whole atmosphere upbeat and laid-back.

How often do you hold races?
We race Saturdays and Sundays from January through March, with a number of other days mixed in. Check our schedule here.

How can I make the finals?
The top three finishers in each category qualify at every tour stop. If one of those people had already qualified at one of our previous races, the fourth-place finisher (and lower, if applicable) also earns a spot in the end-of-season finals.

Who sponsors the Vertical Challenge?
Glad you asked. Check out our sponsor page to see who helps make it all possible. You can also learn more about how your company can become a sponsor.

Can I participate if I’m…
Yes! Sorry to interrupt, but we have age categories for everyone in both skiing and snowboarding, from boys and girls under six to men and women age 76+. We also have an adaptive division. So whoever you are and whatever you like to do, we welcome you.

Is it free?
Yep, it’s free! Our awesome sponsors pay all the costs.